Little Claws

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Intermediate / No Gauge / Patterns

Give your baby the ability to properly catch and eviscerate prey! These claws were designed to be added to the Midwife Booties, but they should work just as well on any baby bootie pattern. You could even try them in super bulky on adult size monster slippers, or on mittens, or your fox stole, or whatever your fierce heart fancies.


Yarn – A negligible amount of aran or worsted weight yarn.
Needles – US 9/5.5mm double pointed needles, or smaller (you will only need 2 dpns.)

Pattern notes:
sl1 – in this pattern, all slipped stitches are slipped purlwise with yarn in front.
k3tog – knit three stitches together as one

Directions (repeat three times per bootie):
Leaving a 4″ tail of yarn, pick up two stitches where you would like the claw to be on the toe of your bootie. Aim to get both legs of a knit stitch, as pictured below:

picking up stitches

After picking up stitches, before completing Setup Row. This is a view of the right side of the work.

after setup row

After completing the following Setup Row. Note the position of the tail and the working yarn.

Setup Row [RS]: k 1, yo, k 1, turn
Row 1 [WS]: Sl1, p 1, sl1, turn
Row 2 [RS]: k 3, do not turn – slide sts to other end of dpn as if to work i-cord
Row 3 [RS]: k 3, turn

Pause here and pull tight on the loose tail. Really tight.
Repeat rows 1&2 once more (6 total rows including setup.)
K3tog, cut working yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail, and pull tail all the way through. The claw will look a bit noodley at this point.

See? Floppy claw. Read on to sharpen it.

See? Floppy claw. Read on to sharpen it.

Thread the yarn tail coming out of the tip of the claw onto a yarn needle and thread through the underside of the claw, catching one or two of the bars between stitches before threading yarn to the interior of the bootie.

Picking up bars

Thread the remaining tail from picking up stitches onto a yarn needle and pass through to interior of bootie. Turn bootie inside out and cinch the two ends as tight as you wish – tighter means more curled a claw – then tie the two ends in a knot and trim ends (not too short.) RAWR!


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